Want More Views? Follow The Three E’s of Video Marketing

If you’ve read our previous article on How to Use Convert Player, you know how simple it is to optimize a video with tools such as a call to action, and other interactive features. The next part is a bit more challenging, yet exponentially more important. After all, knowing how to upload a video is void if the content of the video doesn’t grab the attention of your intended audience. When it comes to generating video content that generates lead conversions, and draws more viewers to your site, it’s will work in your favor to abide by the “3 E’s’ of content marketing.

For a video to be garner success it will be: engaging, educational, or entertaining. Videos that fall under one of the preceding categories are used most effectively at the top of the funnel. At the stage in the funnel, your potential viewers are seeking a solution to a problem they may have, or an area of interest they may not have discovered. A successful videos in this “awareness” stage of the funnel, will draw viewers in with an enticing video content.

Let’s consider a video that aims to engage its viewers.        


Videos that Engage

Videos that best engage do so inadvertently. Rather than selling a product, the video indirectly sells an idea, or, rather, a feeling. This sentiment defines your brand’s image. In turn, it allows viewers to better relate and visualize the product being sold. Chryster’s wildly successful commercial is a prime example of engagement at its best. It grabs  viewers’ attention, affirming that American-made vehicles could once again go toe-to-toe with German made or Japanese made products. The American nationalistic sentiment helps draw a specific target audience to the brand, and does so with rigor.

A Nostalgic Reminder of American Prowess



Videos that Entertain

Engaging videos are consequently very entertaining to watch. Let’s consider a new trend in video marketing: video documentaries. Documentaries work with the intent of engagement — to indirectly draw a target audience to form a genuine interest in the companies brand image. Intel’s video documentary, found below, encapsulates this concept. Shot from the perspective of an esteemed photographer and visual artist, the documentary offers viewers a glimpse of how is artistry is performed using technology. The connection to Intel itself is not obvious, and this is why the video has garnered such success. Intel was successful because they showcased an icon. This icon acted as a representation of what can be achieved through technology, without explicitly stating it. Very few people want information shoved down their throat. The power of entertaining videos should not be underestimated.  

A Documentary That Sells



Videos that Educate

Last, but certainly not least, your videos should educate. These videos stray from the aforementioned “E’s” in that they seek to solve a specific problem or inform the audience on a topic they are not familiar with. These videos don’t practice psychological mind games of indirectly enticing viewers as the former “E’s” do. Videos that educate face the viewers need head-on. One of the best examples of videos that educate can be found on Moz’s video portal. Moz offers a plethora of informative videos that help users solve a specific problem they may be dealing with. Take a look at one video that garnered particular success amongst its viewers:  “The Perfect Blog Post Length and Publishing Frequency is B?!!$#÷x”

A Problem Solver



Whether you aim to engage, educate or entertain, remember that the preceding categories don’t have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, the BEST video marketers will capture all three E’s within a single video. You’ll find that content that is entertaining and engaging usually go hand in hand. The top of the funnel is, arguably, the most important stage in your marketing strategy. This is the stage where you establish your brand identity, and in turn, draw your target audience. Remember to cast a wide net by using keywords and an engaging CTA that can attract audiences from a broad platform.