Why Is Video Optimization Important? Marketing at its Best.

Why Use Convert Player? 

Anyone running an online business will vouch that videos offer huge potential as a marketing tool. It is less known that if not correctly implemented, they lose all their power in converting leads. Users come to us frustrated at this very anomaly: if the video itself is well produced, why are results lacking? The answer is not as straightforward, although the solution is achievable. A video, no matter how enticing it may be, loses all its potential if missing user interaction tools. The most important is the Call to Action. This is where Convert Player comes in. Convert Player is an app that acts as an outlet through which you can instantly make your embedded Vimeo or Youtube videos viable with a CTA and other text components. What does this translate into?

  • More emails on your list
  • Increased sales
  • Bigger social media following


Simplicity of Use 

So, why take the first step? Convenience. Convert Player is designed to be remarkably easy to use for all experience levels. There is no coding required; simply plug in and play. There is also no cap on video quantity, meaning you can use and manipulate your videos anywhere on your site. Its convenient for your viewers as well; Convert Player’s streamlined editing services eliminates annoying advertisements that often precede Youtube and Vimeo videos. Viewers are also given more interaction tools such as the ability to skip ahead or adjust video speed.


Quality Service 

Convert Player is made up of a group of individuals who are smart marketing experts. They’ve found a way to leverage videos so that they can reach their full potential. The results speak for themselves: a higher amount of email subscriptions, leads, and overall customer satisfaction. Now, these like minded individuals want to offer an outlet for others in digital marketing to do the same. Convert Player is a supportive community comprised of innovative thinkers who share one underlying goal: making videos live up to their full marketing potential. Our team is constantly seeking ways to enhance Convert Player’s services. That’s why we’ve implemented a customer support system guaranteed to be receptive of your user experience.


Still unsure ?

In the proceeding article: “How to Set Up Convert Player” we’ll walk you through the experience of one of Convert Player’s most successful clients to date. See how easy making your videos marketable can be.