How To Use Convert Player for Video Optimization

Let’s walk you through our process by considering one business that has benefited from Convert Player. Grandma’s Jars is an online budgeting app that allows users to track expenses, save money, and live debt free. One of the company’s primary sources of success derives from it’s utilization of video optimization. While Convert Player’s online layout makes using it rather self-explanatory, we’d like to show you just how efficient the system is, using Grandma’s Jars as an example. Let’s consider one video from the company’s “Debt Free Living” campaign. 

Grandma’s Jars:  A Step-by-Step Guide


1. Simply copy the URL of your Youtube or Vimeo video and insert it into the URL link and press “add video.”  Once you’ve added your video you can find it in your queue. Select a video to begin editing



2. This brings you to the master editorial page, where all video optimization takes place. On the right side of the page, you can find features that allow you to decide how you want to optimize the video. Options include “auto-play,” “hide video controls,” “enable SEO” and/or “redirect to a URL” at the end of the video. From here, you’re able to add any copy to verify your SEO title and description.


3. The feature that draws the greatest amount of users is your Call to Action. Here you add the CTA copy, and determine where in the video’s sequence you would like it to appear. Apart from the CTA, the user is also given the option to add an email opt-in feature, and a Facebook share page.


4. Once optimization is complete, simply click on the “Embed Video” tool on the upper right hand corner of the page. Here, you’re given the options to use the “Responsive HTML Embed Code” on multiple platforms including your website, WordPress, or Facebook Page.


Why Video Optimization is Necessary

A video that lacks the above features lacks any outlet for user interaction, thus making it void in terms of marketing. Even if your videos content is superb, it is highly unlikely that the video will convert unless you bolster it with the aforementioned key features such as a CTA, and relevant keywords.

Of course, once the user is drawn to your page through the SEO tactics you’ve applied, there must be excellent content in place. Creating great content is the key component to optimizing your videos. It’s otherwise nearly impossible to secure views and drive traffic to your site. In the next article we’ll divulge exactly what it is that makes content engaging to viewers. The “three E’s” of content marketing should be the foundation from which your video content is based. Find out More About the “Three E’s” of Content Marketing