How to collect opt-ins from video to your Google SpreadSheet

In this video I will guide you through the process of setting up a connection between your video and a Google Spreadsheet. We will add an opt-in box to the video using ConvertPlayer and all the information from it will be saved in the Google Spreadsheet. To do that we will be using service called Zapier.

So why would you even use Google Sheets to collect all the opt-in information? Let’s say you rely on your videos to attract your visitors and you just need a way to quickly segment and contact your potential customers. Perhaps you don’t even need a full email marketing service provider and simply spreadsheet will do the job. Perfect example is a real estate agent who has videos of houses and properties on the website and wants to collect emails right from the video.

Using ConvertPlayer you can collect more than just email of the viewer, you can ask for the name and you will automatically a get geo-location of the location from where the opt-in happened. This means that you will actually get a column in your spreadsheet with the Country, State and City of your subscriber. This will really help you segment your emails and contact prospects from the right area. And of course the spreadsheet will contain the usual stuff like the name of the video and the specific time in the video when the viewer opted in.

Check out the video to see for yourself how to set up this connection from ConvertPlayer to Google Sheets using Zapier service.

Also don’t forget that you can use Zapier to collect the information from ConvertPlayer and send them to almost any other service. There is a countless number combinations of different services you can create once you connect Zapier to your ConvertPlayer account. In fact if you are using a service that is not yet supported inside ConvertPlayer you can connect it via Zapier.

Please let me know in the comments how are you using Zapier in your marketing. Or what else would you like to see in next video.