ConvertPlayer Announcement: Four New Features Added

We’ve heard your requests and we’ve been working away on making ConvertPlayer even better. We’re excited to announce four new features in the latest release that makes the ConvertPlayer experience even better.

Feature #1: Animation for Action Items

This was one of our most popular requests. Any video action such as opt-in, call-to-action or Facebook share, which used to cover the whole video, will now appear with a smooth opacity animation so that it’s not as intrusive for the viewer. This improves the user experience, while still giving you the opportunity to request the viewer to take action.

Feature #2: Add a Headline to Opt-In’s Under the Video

You can now add a headline to opt-in’s under the video. This gives you the opportunity to further highlight what your offer is with a catchy headline and entice viewers to take action. Note: this is not enabled by default but you can turn it on:


Feature #3: Display Call-to-Action’s as a Button

Another popular request – you can now display call-to-actions as a button. This is enabled by default for all new videos. This should help increase conversions for certain audiences.


Feature #4: Select an End Time for CTAs Under the Video

Any video action that is UNDER the video, which again is less intrusive, can now have an end time, allowing you to create offers directly in line with your video content.

This will increase the user experience and gives you more flexibility when it comes to your calls-to-action.
This is disabled by default but can be enabled here:


Let us know what you think about these new features in the comments below!