Why a Video Call to Action Means Everything for Your Business

How the Call to Action Works

The key to using videos in your marketing campaign is making them active, rather than passive. Videos should be informative. Yet, this information falls flat if the user is not directed to take a next course of action. Remember, the ultimate goal of a video is to generate leads on your website. The video is part of your sales pitch; the call to action (CTA) closes the deal. Viewers can be elicited to do so through a CTA that prompts them to submit contact information, or directs them onto your site’s support page where they can speak to an expert, for example. The call to action is the platform through which leads are generated. So, if your lead score is quite low, you should probably adjust your approach to CTA implementation. 

Let’s consider the channel that most of you will use to generate video content: Youtube. Most would assume that Youtube was created for the purpose of entertainment. Millions of engaging videos on most any topic possible is sure to satisfy the desire of any viewer. Yet, Youtube is truly intended to be a marketing tool. While your video may act as a pitch, the CTA is the final sale. Convert Player helps you to reach that final sale.  

How to Implement a Call to Action

1. Apply  the CTA directly To Your Video

There are two ways your can do this:

  • Via a written CTA on a boxed screen that appears during or at the end of the video
  • Via a verbal request


The Verbal CTA

A verbal CTA does not warrant a great deal of explanation. This is usually seen in two scenarios:

  • A  voice-over that tells the user to take a specific action, or suggests that action
  • An engagement with an individual speaking directly into the camera

In the following example, produced by the budgeting app Grandma’s Jars, the presenter and CEO, Phil, speaks directly to the audience. The verbal CTA is used at 6:30. At that point, Phil asks the users to reach out to him directly with any questions or remarks. By doing so, he indirectly pushes clients into submitting a query or subscribing for an email via a verbal CTA.


The Written CTA

While a verbal CTA may give you the opportunity to build credibility by interacting with your clients personally, a written CTA is much more widely popular for one reason: it presents the user with a clear and direct action step. Therefore, using a written CTA is more common, and arguably, the more effective method. In the example below  you can see how, using Convert Player, the user was able to manipulate the video, adding effective CTA copy, as well as an email opt-in button, and pause/play functionality.

The viewer is prompted, at the end of the video, to subscribe via the email opt-in button. Using Convert Player, you can can change the placement of where you’d like the CTA to appear within the duration of the video. Utilizing the CTA in this way is effective; placing an additional CTA outside of the video takes it a step further. This engages the viewer from the moment they access the page. Their next action step is clear; they are no longer obligated to watch the complete video in order to act on the CTA. 

2. Place the CTA Outside of the Video

Optimizing your video is sometimes not enough to direct users to the intended CTA. Using a video on your landing page is only effective if there is an explicit CTA, stating the video’s intention. Whether this is to encourage viewers to subscribe to an email chain, or contact a team member to learn more, make sure that what you’re offering them is not perceived as a hard sales pitch. Aim to inform, rather than to sell. For example, an email subscription box featured near to your video’s placement on your site is an apt CTA utilization. In this case, if users lack the patience to finish watching the video featured on your site, a CTA placed strategically near the video will direct them.



In the example here, ClickFunnels boldy decided to place two CTA’s below the video. By doing so, they’re giving the viewer more than one option. This makes the CTA feel less spoon fed, giving control to the viewer to decide how they want to move forward.

Whether or not you decide to use a verbal CTA, multiple written CTA’s, or an in-video interactive CTA prompt, ensure that the copy you use seeks to entertain and inform, rather than sell. Remember, your ultimate goal is to get viewers to move forward by subscribing via email. Offering free trials are an excellent way of doing so. If you want a smoother segway into the subscription portal, offering a free consultation or for the user to “speak to an expert,” are also highly effective.

Convert Player was created so that you can optimize your videos in this way, bolstering each with an effective call to action. Once you do so, your video suddenly goes from being void of value, to being one of your best marketing tools. For a full step-by-step walk through of how to use Convert Player, refer to our previous posting on How to Use Convert Player for Video Optimization


Want More Views? Follow The Three E’s of Video Marketing

If you’ve read our previous article on How to Use Convert Player, you know how simple it is to optimize a video with tools such as a call to action, and other interactive features. The next part is a bit more challenging, yet exponentially more important. After all, knowing how to upload a video is void if the content of the video doesn’t grab the attention of your intended audience. When it comes to generating video content that generates lead conversions, and draws more viewers to your site, it’s will work in your favor to abide by the “3 E’s’ of content marketing.

For a video to be garner success it will be: engaging, educational, or entertaining. Videos that fall under one of the preceding categories are used most effectively at the top of the funnel. At the stage in the funnel, your potential viewers are seeking a solution to a problem they may have, or an area of interest they may not have discovered. A successful videos in this “awareness” stage of the funnel, will draw viewers in with an enticing video content.

Let’s consider a video that aims to engage its viewers.        


Videos that Engage

Videos that best engage do so inadvertently. Rather than selling a product, the video indirectly sells an idea, or, rather, a feeling. This sentiment defines your brand’s image. In turn, it allows viewers to better relate and visualize the product being sold. Chryster’s wildly successful commercial is a prime example of engagement at its best. It grabs  viewers’ attention, affirming that American-made vehicles could once again go toe-to-toe with German made or Japanese made products. The American nationalistic sentiment helps draw a specific target audience to the brand, and does so with rigor.

A Nostalgic Reminder of American Prowess



Videos that Entertain

Engaging videos are consequently very entertaining to watch. Let’s consider a new trend in video marketing: video documentaries. Documentaries work with the intent of engagement — to indirectly draw a target audience to form a genuine interest in the companies brand image. Intel’s video documentary, found below, encapsulates this concept. Shot from the perspective of an esteemed photographer and visual artist, the documentary offers viewers a glimpse of how is artistry is performed using technology. The connection to Intel itself is not obvious, and this is why the video has garnered such success. Intel was successful because they showcased an icon. This icon acted as a representation of what can be achieved through technology, without explicitly stating it. Very few people want information shoved down their throat. The power of entertaining videos should not be underestimated.  

A Documentary That Sells



Videos that Educate

Last, but certainly not least, your videos should educate. These videos stray from the aforementioned “E’s” in that they seek to solve a specific problem or inform the audience on a topic they are not familiar with. These videos don’t practice psychological mind games of indirectly enticing viewers as the former “E’s” do. Videos that educate face the viewers need head-on. One of the best examples of videos that educate can be found on Moz’s video portal. Moz offers a plethora of informative videos that help users solve a specific problem they may be dealing with. Take a look at one video that garnered particular success amongst its viewers:  “The Perfect Blog Post Length and Publishing Frequency is B?!!$#÷x”

A Problem Solver



Whether you aim to engage, educate or entertain, remember that the preceding categories don’t have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, the BEST video marketers will capture all three E’s within a single video. You’ll find that content that is entertaining and engaging usually go hand in hand. The top of the funnel is, arguably, the most important stage in your marketing strategy. This is the stage where you establish your brand identity, and in turn, draw your target audience. Remember to cast a wide net by using keywords and an engaging CTA that can attract audiences from a broad platform. 


How To Use Convert Player for Video Optimization

Let’s walk you through our process by considering one business that has benefited from Convert Player. Grandma’s Jars is an online budgeting app that allows users to track expenses, save money, and live debt free. One of the company’s primary sources of success derives from it’s utilization of video optimization. While Convert Player’s online layout makes using it rather self-explanatory, we’d like to show you just how efficient the system is, using Grandma’s Jars as an example. Let’s consider one video from the company’s “Debt Free Living” campaign. 

Grandma’s Jars:  A Step-by-Step Guide


1. Simply copy the URL of your Youtube or Vimeo video and insert it into the URL link and press “add video.”  Once you’ve added your video you can find it in your queue. Select a video to begin editing



2. This brings you to the master editorial page, where all video optimization takes place. On the right side of the page, you can find features that allow you to decide how you want to optimize the video. Options include “auto-play,” “hide video controls,” “enable SEO” and/or “redirect to a URL” at the end of the video. From here, you’re able to add any copy to verify your SEO title and description.


3. The feature that draws the greatest amount of users is your Call to Action. Here you add the CTA copy, and determine where in the video’s sequence you would like it to appear. Apart from the CTA, the user is also given the option to add an email opt-in feature, and a Facebook share page.


4. Once optimization is complete, simply click on the “Embed Video” tool on the upper right hand corner of the page. Here, you’re given the options to use the “Responsive HTML Embed Code” on multiple platforms including your website, WordPress, or Facebook Page.


Why Video Optimization is Necessary

A video that lacks the above features lacks any outlet for user interaction, thus making it void in terms of marketing. Even if your videos content is superb, it is highly unlikely that the video will convert unless you bolster it with the aforementioned key features such as a CTA, and relevant keywords.

Of course, once the user is drawn to your page through the SEO tactics you’ve applied, there must be excellent content in place. Creating great content is the key component to optimizing your videos. It’s otherwise nearly impossible to secure views and drive traffic to your site. In the next article we’ll divulge exactly what it is that makes content engaging to viewers. The “three E’s” of content marketing should be the foundation from which your video content is based. Find out More About the “Three E’s” of Content Marketing


Why Is Video Optimization Important? Marketing at its Best.

Why Use Convert Player? 

Anyone running an online business will vouch that videos offer huge potential as a marketing tool. It is less known that if not correctly implemented, they lose all their power in converting leads. Users come to us frustrated at this very anomaly: if the video itself is well produced, why are results lacking? The answer is not as straightforward, although the solution is achievable. A video, no matter how enticing it may be, loses all its potential if missing user interaction tools. The most important is the Call to Action. This is where Convert Player comes in. Convert Player is an app that acts as an outlet through which you can instantly make your embedded Vimeo or Youtube videos viable with a CTA and other text components. What does this translate into?

  • More emails on your list
  • Increased sales
  • Bigger social media following


Simplicity of Use 

So, why take the first step? Convenience. Convert Player is designed to be remarkably easy to use for all experience levels. There is no coding required; simply plug in and play. There is also no cap on video quantity, meaning you can use and manipulate your videos anywhere on your site. Its convenient for your viewers as well; Convert Player’s streamlined editing services eliminates annoying advertisements that often precede Youtube and Vimeo videos. Viewers are also given more interaction tools such as the ability to skip ahead or adjust video speed.


Quality Service 

Convert Player is made up of a group of individuals who are smart marketing experts. They’ve found a way to leverage videos so that they can reach their full potential. The results speak for themselves: a higher amount of email subscriptions, leads, and overall customer satisfaction. Now, these like minded individuals want to offer an outlet for others in digital marketing to do the same. Convert Player is a supportive community comprised of innovative thinkers who share one underlying goal: making videos live up to their full marketing potential. Our team is constantly seeking ways to enhance Convert Player’s services. That’s why we’ve implemented a customer support system guaranteed to be receptive of your user experience.


Still unsure ?

In the proceeding article: “How to Set Up Convert Player” we’ll walk you through the experience of one of Convert Player’s most successful clients to date. See how easy making your videos marketable can be.